Would you like to get more traffic to your website organically? Are you tired of spending a billion dollars on pay-per-click advertising and if you've ever tried SEO in the past or hired some weird skeptical company you know it's not getting done correctly. You'd like to do SEO yourself, but until now it's been absolutely complicated.

My friend Ben Murray created an amazing product that lets you do SEO with simple steps to follow. You can enter a keyword and start searching. It can tell you how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword or phrase. The software even starts listing URLs that allow you to leave a comment to create organic backlinks. The software can create content, spin it, post it and schedule it. It can do all these things and it doesn't cost you a monthly fee, that's what's amazing about it. The software is cloud-based so it'll work on Mac Windows it even works on an iPhone.

Easy to use SEO Software

Let's have a look under the hood at the software. Inside the software and we can type in any key phrase that we want. For this example, we will use dog training. If we hit search it shows us 49,000 monthly searches and 62 for the ranking difficulty. So it's a little tougher to rank for. If you ran a PPC ad it would cost a $1.40 per click. The average clicks per day would be 754.

Keyword Research

Let's put in the keyword/phrase dog training e-book and let's say we're selling an e-book for dog training as you can see the cost-per-click is a lot more affordable. It only gets 30 searches a month but maybe those 30 searches are exactly what you want. The ranking difficulty is easy and it shows you the top domains.

Easier To Rank For Keyword

It shows you the top 10 related keywords. So maybe we can find something better than dog trainer. Online Dog Training is a good one. Maybe you have a dog training course that's subscription based. So that just kind of gives you an analysis of what's going on.

Top 10 Related Keywords

Now let's say we have a web page created and now we want to create backlinks to it. The best way to do this is using the blog research tool. I love this thing. You can go and leave relevant comments on different blogs related to your Niche. So we take the same keyword dog training e-book or use the root keyword dog training and hit search. The software is going to go out on the internet and find every website that can allow us to leave a comment. Look at the list of sites that have already come back. There are five pages and a total of 50 inquiries. We can click View on one of them and wait for it to load. Now go down here and load comments and read what it's about and then you can actually leave a comment and add your website link. Leave really good relevant comments. It's a great way to start building backlinks and generate traffic.

Get Relevant Backlinks

Another really cool thing you can use is this article SEO Wizard. You can search articles. I'm going to type in dog training. Now it goes out and finds all these articles already in a spin-tax format about dog training. Next, you can go in and edit these articles and change the title or body if you want and then you can schedule this stuff out to your WordPress account. One more great feature I forgot to mention was under the backlinks menu It's got this check broken back link system that lets you search for any website's that have any broken links. Now you could go write an article and contact the site owner and tell them you have a replacement their broken link and get a free backlink.

Content Creator

I've been doing SEO now for almost 5 years and have done most this stuff manually without this software. But it usually takes me an extra 2 hours. I have close to $1,000 in tools that I use and a lot of them are monthly subscriptions. Currently, this is a one time fee of $28 dollars. I use it for all my organic marketing. When I'm raking YouTube videos, this tool absolutely crushes. It's a perfect tool for your business because it plays by Google's rules. Google just wants relevant content for its users to experience.

So Below this video, I have a link to the Serpscribe website. Pick up a copy and start doing some SEO for your business. You're going to see amazing results if you put a little elbow grease into it. This is the perfect tool to help you get the job done.

Published by Jason

Jason Smith is the lead developer at VMA and Founder of BritePage.