We’ve heard it a million times that the money is in the list.
So why do most small business owners ignore list building?

2 Simple answers… Information overload and Laziness.

There is more information today about list building than we’ve ever had in the last 10 years.
The point I’m making is we have no excuse for building an email list 10,000 strong.

We’re just too lazy to get started or we don’t really have a true direction where to start.
We’re also afraid if we put too much time into something it may not work.

Let’s talk about this time scarcity for a second. How much time do you watch TV? Remember that last Netflix show you couldn’t stop watching. How did that end up helping your business?
How much time do you spend on Facebook or playing with SnapChat filters? I’m not saying you can’t still have fun doing the things you love.
But if you could fine 30 minutes a day, and apply the techniques you’re about to read, you could create an amazing business online.

I’m not going to cover the critical things you should do on your website for list building.

Brian Dean from Backlinko has already spilt the beans on that. Plus many other fantastic tips as well. I reccommend you read his post, after mine of course. 😉

This post is focused on free off page list building/traffic.

#1 Use content upgrades:

Example: Write an article or Facebook post like a chapter book. Give them the first chapter for free. Then given the second chapter and so on once they subscribed to your list.

You can also use this technique with video. Create a 2 part video series.
Video 1 goes over the bullet points of what you will teach in video 2.
Then tell them to go to your website and subscribe to get access to that video. Make sure you make the second video unlisted on YouTube so it’s not indexed in the search.

#2 Use Twitter to build your list.

If you think that most of your Twitter followers are on your email list, you’re wrong. Once a month compose a tweet that says “Be sure to sign up to my email list to receive this XYZ sick method”.

Bonus tip: I like to use Twitter’s search tool to find related topics that people are tweeting about and then go follow them. A lot of times they will follow me back and noticed I have the information they were looking for and subscribe.


#3 Forum Signature

If you know where the fish are, why take a fishing poll when you could just use the net. Forum users are the most qualified users to be on your list. Think about it… they took the time to sign up to a community on a topic that interest’s them. If you could just take five minutes a day and contribute to some of the forum threads, think of how many posts your signature would be on.

Bonus tip: Find an active user on the forum and rent his or her signature. It will cost you some money but it can be effective. I have actually seen better conversions with this method than some of my PPC ads in the past.

#4 Blog Commenting

Just like forum marketing, blog posts are just as powerful. Use Google to search for blogs in your niche and go leave an engaging comment.
Don’t leave a generic comment like “Great post really like the information”. But truly spend a few minutes and read it and leave a real as blood comment.
Then you can add your website and your name. And add your website to the end of the comment.

Bonus tip: Signup for a feedly account. Follow your author in feedly. Then when they add a blog post you can be the first person to respond so your comment shows up at the top.


#5 Answer sites

Use answer sites like Quora and Yahoo answers for list building.
Just spend five minutes a day going to answer sites and answering questions In your niche. Then leave a link back to your website. Same as before leave valuable relevant information about the question.

I’d love to know what to you thought of the post.

Published by Jason

Jason Smith is the lead developer at VMA and Founder of BritePage.